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Moto Guzzi – V9

The V9 is the new incarnation of the purest spirit of Moto Guzzi. A spirit that brooks no compromise. A spirit that, with every choice, proudly states: I am what I am. The V9 is just that: authentic in every design detail; authentic in its use of strong and high-quality materials such as steel and aluminium, and in the choice of prestigious components; authentic in the agility with which it reacts to your riding; and authentic in the exciting torque of the new 850cc engine.

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V9 Bobber

Moto Guzzi interprets the legendary essential and aggressive bobber style: chrome gives way to matt colours, a shorter seat reveals the fender and high shoulder tyres, emphasising the grit of a true Bobber.

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V9 Roamer

Little plastic, solid high quality materials with fine finishes. All the best, to provide superior styling that will last over time.

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The Bike


There are specialists’ bikes. Very fast, or able to bring you to the edge of the world. We prefer to make them eclectic, thought and engineered to satisfy your need for something true, new but faithful to the most authentic Moto Guzzi values. That’s why we made the V9. Because we wanted to create a bike easy to ride but beautiful to look at. And to touch. Then we realized that such a bike would appeal to too many people to have just one soul. And so we made two.

V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber, because a unique bike doesn’t mean just one bike. But there’s a common base, authentic and faithful to our values. Like our glorious Small Block twin, re-engineered to make it even more strong and responsive – but keeping it in check with our evolved traction control MGTC. And we also put in our new multimedia platform MG-MP, because the smartphone is always with us – let’s make it a travel buddy.

V9 lets you travel with a modern chassis, agile but safe thanks to the ABS. With tires as performing as they compliment her look. A motorcycle able to navigate the city traffic or to make you enjoy your trip when you escape from the chaos of the city. A bike that distinguishes herself from the masses thanks to flagship-worthy details and an unmistakable design. Strike that, it’s two designs.

Roamer is an authentic custom, Mandello-style. Classic, elegant, designed to never get old, made for people that can see open skies even between skyscrapers, safe in the knowledge that going slow doesn’t mean wasting time. Bobber is all substance. Lean, athletic, proudly minimal. A motorcycle where classic and modern styles live side by side, because authentic values never go out of style.

Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer and Bobber. Which V9 are you?