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Tireless traveller, trustworthy and faithful companion in adventure, the Norge GT8V consolidates Moto Guzzi tradition in the Grand Touring segment. Such a fine bike would definitely have made even Engineer Giuseppe “Naco” Guzzi extremely proud. He is the one who invented the famous Norge and the destination of North Cape for bike enthusiasts: he was the first to travel to these lands in 1928 and did so riding a GT 500 fitted with an elastic frame he called Norge, in honour of the Italian airship flown by Umberto Nobile, the first to fly over the North Pole.

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Travelling in comfort means enjoying more the things around you, from a sunset to shadows on the road. The new Norge GT8V has been designed to give you and your passenger the utmost protection, load capacity and comfort.

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The top fairing has been restyled with an electronically controlled windshield, even when you’re riding, plus there’s the new shaped saddle and handlebar on vibration-proof supports. Power and torque are on hand when you need them, even at low engine speeds, plus the braking system has been oversized and perfectly balanced with latest- generation ABS as standard. The Norge GT8V, a new way to live life on the road!

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First class travel with the Moto Guzzi Norge GT 8V.

Fitted with the latest version of the 8v Twin-cylinder engine and a substantial level of new components. The New Norge GT 8v has been developed for enhanced comfort, performance and handling.

New components include:
• New forks and rear shock for improved handling and corner stability, even while fully loaded
• New electrically adjusted windshield
• New 8v engine with more torque and power: 104Nm torque@ 5,500 and 102bhp.
• New fairing with improved wind protection and noise reduction for rider and pillion
• Easier to read instrument panel with trip computer, re-positioned closer to rider
• Anti slip seat with body forming foam for rider and pillion comfort
• Factory fitted center stand with improved lever arm design
• Vibration damping footrests

This fascinating touring now has a twin transverse 90° V-series “Quattrovalvole” engine, the most powerful among the family of engines produced in Mandello Lario and has now reached the peak of its technical and performance specification.